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Halloween Number Sense

My kids get so excited with the approach of Halloween that they just don’t want to do ‘work’ that takes the form of yet another set of math ‘worksheets’.

So for this exciting month of October I thought of designing some math scoot cards that cleverly masked review of the four vital number operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and at the same time targeted that popular three-letter word ‘fun’.


There are many ways one can play Scoot. I like to play it this way:
Lay cards around the classroom or tack on classroom walls. When the teacher calls ‘scoot’ students read a card and write their response against the corresponding number in the Recording Sheet. Students can only move when ‘scoot’ is called out. If the student does not finish solving the problem on a card, he/she can continue to spend more time on it, but must wait till the teacher calls out ‘scoot’. You can also have this as a silent activity where students move around quietly solving all the task cards without the teacher calling out ‘scoot’.

IMG 1473
Remember to have something ready for early finishers to work on and if someone is taking very long to finish, then assign a buddy.
It would also be best to familiarize students with the type of questions as well as mathematical terminology used prior to playing.
I am sure you will enjoy watching your students play Scoot with this bundle featuring 128 cards of Scoot fun as much as I did.
Until Next Time…
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