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Digital Narrative Writing With Easel By TpT

Have you heard of the new digital tool, Easel by TpT? With it, you can turn a narrative writing pdf file into an interactive digital activity.

For instance, in this digital personal narrative writing prompt activity, all you need to do is open the pdf file in Easel by TpT and add text boxes to input students’ responses or type out instructions for students to follow. 

And if the teacher-author has already pre-formatted the narrative writing pdf file to be compatible with Easel, then that makes your task even easier.

Students now simply type inside the highlighted text boxes to respond to their digital personal narrative writing prompt and follow instructions they see. Easel by TPT makes it all so simple.

The annotating tools in Easel by TpT are also very useful. In the narrative writing digital student checklists below, students can use the ‘Pen’ tool and the ‘Highlighter’ tool to annotate the document.


The teacher can also use the same tools to annotate the digital narrative writing rubric or to type instructions for students on the document.


Want to give Easel by TpT a try with this digital personal narrative writing prompt activity?


You’ll find a freebie on structuring the elements of a digital personal narrative on an open-ended prompt. Checklists and marking rubrics are also included. 



The pdf file has already been prepared to be compatible with Easel, so all you need to do is assign it to your students. You can do this in Google Classroom and students can turn in their work when completed.

Eventually, I plan to update all the existing resources in my mega growing writing bundle to be digitally compatible. 


There are also so many more tried and tested digital resources to add to this bundle. If you decide to purchase this growing writing bundle now, you’ll save heaps and get all the updates for free. It includes the persuasive, narrative, and informational writing genres.


Access the free digital personal narrative writing prompt activity with Easel by TpT by clicking on the image link below.



Complete writing lessons that build towards this activity will also be uploaded to my store – so keep in touch…

On a sidenote, If you use this resource with your students, I would be thrilled if you tag me on instagram @teachtotell.

Stay safe!

Until next time…
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